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Combining Swiss-trained chocolatiers, state-of-the-art Belgian equipment and a Scandinavian sensibility.

Born in 2018 in Burlington, Vermont, NU Chocolat is the culmination of a family journey that began decades ago and spans several generations. NU is committed to bringing the finest sensory experience to its customers through its interpretation of classic standards while boldly pushing the edge of innovation.

“Their work is at the very highest level of sensory pleasure. They have pushed away all distraction, so you can be focused on their peerless work.”

-Larry R, via Yelp



I bought a box of truffles for a friend’s 40th, and her thank you note said ‘Um... the chocolate you gave me is out of this world! AMAZING!!! Might be the best chocolate I have EVER had. Really.’ Yup, I’d have to agree!
— Natanya L, via Facebook

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